"You don't win alone, that's just how it is" _ Tobio Kageyama

I'm a illustrator with a massive passion for people and storytelling. I'm constantly inspired by the world around me and want to be a part of helping to innovate the way we experience new ideas through design.

I'm always looking for opportunities that will not only challenge me to use my abilities and acquired skills but also develop new ones as well. I enjoy learning as much as I enjoy doing, and in my experience, the best education is not in a classroom, or in a lecture hall, but in a work environment that fosters creativity, new ways of thinking, a mind for innovation, and a heart for nurturing passionate employees.


To me learning and not being afraid to learn is one of the sharpest tools anyone can have. In our ever-changing world, where technology is continuously shaping our daily lives, it's important that we are always seeking new ways to interpret ideas and deliver fresh experiences for people from all walks of life. It's about connecting the dots and inspiring new ways of thinking.

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