First and foremost, I would like to thank you personally for visiting my site...


I am Tobi, the one-woman-band behind all these Illustrations. 

Who is Tobi the kid? - Well, it is my illustration business based in little ol' Coventry. I'm living here for university right now but that might change in the foreseeable future.

I create a range of Illustrations, as well as take on client work, and I'm constantly working on my personal and professional development as an artist!


My eagerness and motivation to continually improve upon my craft is a testament to the high quality and versatility presented in my style. Early inspirations came from Anime, Manga and namely the Japanese culture in general. My work concentrates on creating symbolic illustrations as a way to express myself, now I also sometimes focus my depictions of my struggle in regards to both my chronic diseases; Multiple Sclerosis & Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).



Tobi the kid was started up at the end of 2015 when I was studying Art & design at Walsall college. I have always had a passion for design for as long as I can remember - I wanted to pursue this as a career but found it hard to figure that out on my own. 


After a lot of research, I decided to attend Coventry University to study Illustration & Graphics for four years with an opportunity to study abroad for one out those years. My eyes were obviously set on going to Japan for that year, but for some reason, The illustration course in Japan was removed and that was now off the table.


Surprisingly though, I was contacted by a company that was based in America asking if I wanted to do a year-long internship with them. The excitement was real, I was levelling up, I was getting noticed. It felt like I was doing something right in regards to my art. Unfortunately, this proposal came at a time when I was just receiving my first round of treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, my neurologist was against the idea of me going to another country when my illness was still so active, and so I had to decline their offer. It was an unfortunate situation but I strongly believe another opportunity will come again. 

Tobi the kid as a brand is gradually getting bigger and bigger every month, and I have huge dreams and ambitions for the future. I found that I loved working on others creative vision and helping to bring it to fruition.  Slowly but surely, I have created designs, from custom portraits to artwork for music covers - I can honestly say this is my passion, I am so thankful every day that I get to create and illustrate with some of my favourite colours & inspired by the things I love the most (Anime, manga, life & people)!


I am happy but not content with where I am. There is always room for improvement and I want to learn so much more. Right now I am working on developing my skills in some adobe programmes, especially after-effects and I'm also working on developing my character designs and animation skillset, as I would like the experience of working on an animated television show. Having a broad portfolio is something I desire as more opportunities will arise from it. I want to do so much more, I want to meet many more creative people in the industry, I want to learn so much more and I need a mentor. There's only so much I can do on my own.

So follow me, subscribe to my newsletter, or come visit me over on Instagram to watch how Tobi the kid grows as a brand and business, creating a job that I thought impossible couple years back - as Ittetsu Takeda once said:


“Does losing prove that you are weak? Isn’t losing difficult for all of you? A challenge where, after ending up on your hands and knees, you must see if you can stand up again? If you stay on your hands and knees, that proves that you are weak..."

- tobi

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